Thursday, October 28, 2010

Metro Train - Animation video

Metro Train - Will his dream comes true? Animation video

As part of our academic project we done this animation video named "Metro Train".
The students of College of Engineering, Kallooppara (CEK) often face the problems related to the journey from Thiruvalla to CEK. Though there is a college bus, its not enough for over 800 students coming from Thiruvalla. It has become usual that many students reach college late, and authorities are not bothered about this problem.

So we decided to create a project based on this topic. Apart from directly criticizing the authorities, we decided to represent it as a boy’s story who dreams about a "Metro Train" when there is no bus to his college.

Done by:
Ashwin k
Libin V Babu
Rejath R
Sarath Soman

Through this project we would like to convey the difficulties faced by the students of CEK. There are no intentions to hurt anybody’s feelings behind this project.
This is LANS Cre@tive's first animation work.. :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

ObCAM-Eyes on You

ObCAM-Eyes on You.

We modified our project topic to Object tracking System. We named it as ObCAM-Eyes on You.

Project Logo

The use of object tracking is pertinent in the tasks of- automated surveillance, traffic monitoring, vehicle navigation, human-computer interaction etc. The existing system is a fully hardware oriented. Such hardwares cost atleast above Rs.50,000 in the Indian market.
In this project we present a feature based object tracker which uses a pan-tilt (PT) camera to keep track of the target (in the real world).

For that we will use the below Panasonic pan/tilt camera.

Panasonic BL-C111 Pan/Tilt IP Network Camera

When the object being tracked moves out of the viewing range of the camera, the pan-tilt setup is automatically adjusted to move the camera so as to keep the object in view.

We hope the proposed system will comes into reality.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Head Tracking System - Our Main Project

Head Tracking using WebCam

As part of our academic project we are trying to do Head Tracking System using Web Cam. Today we presented this idea in front of our sir and he approved the topic and says go ahead. This is a very interesting topic and we take it as a challenging project. it is very hard to achieve this in a short period of our project. But hopefully we moving with this topic.

The aim of this work is the development of a novel method for 3D head tracking in the presence of head rotations changes. Tracking is formulated in terms of color image registration in the texture map of a 3D surface model. Model appearance is recursively updated via image mosaicking in the texture map as the head orientation varies. The resulting dynamic texture map provides a stabilized view of the face that can be used as input to many existing 2D techniques for face recognition & eye tracking.

To get a brief idea about the technique see this video.

When combined with the proper game concept, this type of technology could provide for some really unique experiences, including the ability to interact with environments just by looking around. Amazingly enough, it’s all feasible with a single, standard webcam, and no special hardware is required. It has so many applications in the world. So we are thinking about a particular application where it can efficiently launched. If you find any real time application for this which are not exists now, please share it with us.

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