Thursday, October 21, 2010

ObCAM-Eyes on You

ObCAM-Eyes on You.

We modified our project topic to Object tracking System. We named it as ObCAM-Eyes on You.

Project Logo

The use of object tracking is pertinent in the tasks of- automated surveillance, traffic monitoring, vehicle navigation, human-computer interaction etc. The existing system is a fully hardware oriented. Such hardwares cost atleast above Rs.50,000 in the Indian market.
In this project we present a feature based object tracker which uses a pan-tilt (PT) camera to keep track of the target (in the real world).

For that we will use the below Panasonic pan/tilt camera.

Panasonic BL-C111 Pan/Tilt IP Network Camera

When the object being tracked moves out of the viewing range of the camera, the pan-tilt setup is automatically adjusted to move the camera so as to keep the object in view.

We hope the proposed system will comes into reality.

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