Monday, August 08, 2011

Its a fast moving world, Be a Professional

To be a professional means a lot more than simply doing whatever you daily doing. You wouldn’t hire a web designer only to inform them that you’ve already developed so many websites; you wouldn’t engage an accountant and then explain to them the way you wanted them to process your figures; you wouldn’t employ a fitness trainer and then tell them what to include in your workout; and you wouldn’t buy a dog and then insist on doing all the barking.

Being professional means being dedicated to your professional development both for yourself and for those people who are affected by your work. It is about being trustworthy, reliable and committed. Professionals are not just doctors and lawyers – there many professional jobs which you may never have heard of.

When asked to jump, a professional does not ask “how high?” They say, “Let’s talk about this a little, because jumping may not be the best solution for you in this situation.” And if this tactic doesn’t work and the professional is told in no uncertain terms that jumping is the only acceptable option, then he or she has two choices: either they resign and get another job where their role as a professional is properly valued; or they agree to go ahead, but only after having expressed quite clearly in writing that jumping is against their best advice.

"What defines a professional?"
"A professional is a person who, by education, training, and experience, performs work, analyzes and solves problems, makes decisions, and promotes ethics associated with a particular field of study." - A. Carol Rusaw, Learning by Association, HRD Quarterly, Summer 1995.

Being professional means being an expert. It means being competent and skilful, but it also means behaving in an ethical way. It means putting your client or patient first, and acting in the best interests of the public or society. This is a fast moving world. So be a professional to acheive the great success in life.
Best Wishes.

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