Saturday, January 01, 2011

Nagapara - Wonderful & Adventurous

An unknown tourism place to much of people. Surrounded around 2 km of Rocks.


Place: Ranny Forest Range. (10kms from Ranny.)

Only bike or Jeep type vehicle can travel through forest road. Or you can park the vehicle at Kulakutty jn. and walk through the forest to reach Nagapara. Only 1.5kms to walk from Kulakutty jn.

Forest Road

Most exciting place for adventurous trip through forest. Nagapara is place which is fully covered by rock. The rock is covered around 2kms. There is a small water fall which is flowing through the rocks.

Small Water Flow

The main attraction there is a Big rock which is rolled by Bheema. Actually there is only half of that rock. Then we can imagine the orginal size of the rock that Bheema rolled. Also the foot prints of Bheema is clearly seen on rocks. It got the name Nagapara because there is a print of snake on rocks.

Half of Big rock which is rolled by Bheema

It is very risky to go at rainy season, because the rock is very steep so that we will not get grip.

Steep Rock

It is important to have as much as drinking water with you. You can roam the full Nagapara ony if you have a good capacity!

There is a big future for this place, if Kerala Govt. make tourism here.

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